Every client is unique. We use a repeatable process to ensure a thorough analysis in every case. Our process is derived from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.


Here we introduce our firm's services and outline what the client can expect from us. We also make the client's responsibilities clear as well.

Data Gathering

In this stage we gather detailed information including client expectations, time horizons, investment risk tolerance, client values, specific financial goals and family information. We will also collect important client documents at this meeting.

Team Evaluation

This phase is spent analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the client's current financial condition. We will focus on risk management, cash flow, investments, estate planning, employee benefits, and charitable interests.

Client Presentation

After a thorough review of the client's financial condition, we will schedule an "Actions to be taken" meeting. We will highlight what aspects of the client's current situation are consistent with the stated goals. We also feed back areas that can be adjusted and changed to bring the client more in line with their stated objectives.


Here we assist the client in actually putting the recommendations in place.

Ongoing Monitoring

It is critical that our relationship with the client be an on-going professional dialogue. Changes to the plan are often appropriate due to changes in the tax code, economic conditions, as well as the clients risk tolerance.